Facials and Makeup for Brides - How to Best Prepare for Your Wedding 


No matter how much you try to wash, scrub and moisturise your facial skin before the day of your wedding, without expert skills and products you won't be able to make much difference. It can be so disheartening to spot flaws on your skin layer at the time you view your wedding pictures, and the simplest way to avoid this is to have a skin treatment plan for your big day. 

Starting today, the first step to take is to increase your water intake. Keep bottled water all around you: on your work desk, in the car, in the fridge, by the bed, and in the bathroom. Anytime you see the water, take a gulp down, and the amazing benefits will be seen within just a week. Keep on drinking about two litres of water each day, and stay away from alcoholic beverages or sugary foods. Exercise is also important for the way the skin appears, and hardly anything will obtain the healthy sparkle like frequent trips to the gym and good meals. 

Most of alladd a few visits to a Cosmetic Skin Clinic to your wedding budget. Any sound skin therapist will offer you a cost-free skin evaluation to potential clients, and the earlier you have, the better. By having discussions and evaluation on what you want to accomplish with your skin, you can formulate a master plan for ensuring you realise your ultimate goal by the wedding day. It may entail some laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels or just regular appointments for facials. The extra benefit is that you have the opportunity to talk at length about the way you want your make-up to be for the day, and also any manicure plans. 


Don't ever compromise your beauty requirements for the day of the wedding: in spite of how often your man says that you are beautiful the way you are and he does not want anything elaborate, every man admires the fantasy the moment he spots you looking more beautiful than ever before. It's a day you have always thought of, so make it a dream-come-true! Wedding pictures in which the bride has made little or no effort with the makeup look horribly drab and incredibly dull. If you cannot look stunning on the most significant day of your future life, when will you? Shop and seek the services of a professional skin therapist to do your face, and undertake a fundamental practice run along with them before the day to ensure you like what they have to offer you. 

Lips for wedding day

If you care for your skin at home following a plan for improvements with the beauty therapist, you ought to have the outcome of looking your best for your wedding. Do not look at your pictures with pangs of regret because you did not do anything about it earlier on, and make it a part of your whole wedding plans. You'll have a better time when you are feeling confident and attractive, so go ahead and treat yourself. And if you're lucky your future husband loves it he will be happy that you go regularly. 

Since each skin type has completely different requirements, head right down to Chester Laser Clinic and their skin specialist will recommend the most appropriate treatment according to your needs and concerns. 


Facial Treatments and procedures available for your Wedding day 


Facial muscle relaxant injections to address frown lines, before they become visible when you’re not frowning Smooth crow's feet or forehead lines with Botox

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler to smooth fine lines

Light chemical peels and Chemical Skin Resurfacing 

Radio Frequency to achieve facial skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing , resulting in accelerated collagen production and a renewal process that takes years off your skin.

Improve facial profile (e.g. filler treatment to correct an uneven bridge of the nose)

Enhance natural features (e.g. lip shaping or accentuation of cheek bones)

Cosmetic Dentistry treatments such as Tooth Whitening , Cosmetic Dental Veneers , Invisible Braces.






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