Botox in reducing the symptoms of migraines, and headaches



The use of Botox in easing the effects of migraines has continued to gain acceptance. Numerous studies have been conducted to analyse the performance of Botox in reducing the symptoms of migraines, and the outcomes are very motivating.

Such a study was carried out by Todd Troost of the Wake Forest University. He treated people experiencing migraine or daily headaches with Botox. Best Botox clinic in Cheshire with  experienced  Botox Clinician .They are often best performed by an experienced Clinician with medical training in anatomy and physiology as well as a solid understanding of the different injectables product brands – and how to get you natural-looking results by using the right injecting strategy.  So how do you know WHAT you’re really getting in an injectables treatment – e.g., how much of the product are you getting and what type?The vast majority of this people had previously tried some other migraine preventatives, with little effect. The trial consisted of those who received 1 to 4 Botox treatments spaced at three-month intervals. Out of those who received 4 treatments, 92 percent noted a marked improvement; 84% of the patients noted improvement when they received lesser treatments. This result shows that multiple treatments are highly recommended to attain best possible relief.

Another study also indicates that long-term migraine relief can be accomplished with little doses of Botox. Forty-one patients who had at least two migraines per week noted fewer than before they started the study and the severity stats of any later headaches were greatly reduced.


The duration of relief that is attained making use of Botox varies from one person to another but commonly lasts around ten to thirteen weeks. Several migraine preventatives currently available on the market come with several side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, emotional shifts and weight gain. Botox, on the other hand, doesn't have such adverse reactions since it is injected straight into the muscle rather than distributed into the bloodstream. The only typical side effect of Botox is a slight pain when injecting and slight redness at the injection spot, which is just temporary.


Botox has an effect on the nerves. Once it is injected into a muscle tissue in little amounts, it will result in temporary paralyzation of that muscle tissue. Among some other things Botox is used for in cosmetics is the temporary improvement in the visibility of some facial wrinkles.Botox had been authorised by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of mild to extreme wrinkles in individuals aged 18 - 65. And now Botox has approval from the FDA to help reduce the signs of migraines.  Lots of people now benefit from the Aesthetic and rejuvenation benefits that Botox provides, and Migraine patients may have the added advantage of headache relief.


Botox is certainly an ideal treatment when administered by the competent person. When seeking Botox for migraines, ensure you choose a skilled and experienced dermatologist, doctor, or perhaps medical assistant with an incredible reputation. Chester Laser Clinic specializes in non-surgical treatment including Botox, hair removal, dermal fillers, age spot, and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment.

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