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How To Enhance Your Eyes

Eye contact is so important in face-to-face communications and we need to feel confident, not bothered by frown lines or deep tear troughs.

  • Treating frown lines and crow's feet can do wonders to open and widen your eyes.
  • When having facial muscle relaxant injections to treat glabellar frown lines, be prepared to come back for a top up treatment as it may take a few days for the results to be seen. If you are prone to bruising, you should plan your treatments carefully to allow for some downtime.
  • By smoothing out the tear trough hollows underneath the eyes you can achieve a more youthful, less tired look. But you need to make sure your practitioner is an expert in treating the tear troughs area.

Treatment Areas

Upper Face Treatment Areas.png

You can discuss with us any areas of interest and express your concerns so that we can address them in a realistic manner. The objective of the consultation is to have a better understanding of your goals, expectations and budget so together; we can offer the most optimal treatments to meet your goals.  


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