Medical pain free permanent facial laser hair removal, lip, full face, chin laser hair removal for men & women, in Cheshire & Chester

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When it comes to Facial laser hair removal, we at Chester Laser Clinic have over 15 years of experience, along with the knowledge and technology to deliver the most effective results.

Our highly-trained specialists tailor each client's treatment to their unique hair removal needs using gentle, non-invasive solutions for unwanted hair anywhere on the face. Today, laser hair removal is the most commonly requested cosmetic procedure in the world and is routinely performed by dermatologists, other physicians, and non-physician personnel. The ideal candidate for laser hair removal is fair skinned with dark terminal hair; however, laser hair removal can today be successfully performed in all skin types. Knowledge of hair follicle anatomy and physiology, proper patient selection and preoperative preparation, principles of laser safety, familiarity with the various laser/light devices, and a thorough understanding of laser–tissue interactions are vital to optimizing treatment efficacy while minimizing complications and side effects.

Painless Laser Hair Removal

Most people tolerate the treatment very well, describing the feeling as an elastic band pinging against the skin (however, you should bear in mind that pain thresholds vary throughout the body and that some people are more sensitive to pain than others).  In case of discomfort or pain we can offer medical prescription based topical anaesthetics or injectable lidocaine.* This results in almost an entirely pain free treatment session.

Prices – Laser Hair Removal

Consultation £30.00, this fee will be deducted from your first treatment cost. Further treatments are available, please ask for details. Please note, this serves as a price guide, treatment costs may be varied depending on the density of hair growth and size of the area being treated. Prices are correct at the time of printing and are subject to adjustment without notice. Before treatment programme can proceed a test patch must be performed on the area to determine skin response.


First and foremost, all medical treatments carry a degree of uncertainty. Laser hair reduction treatments can be as effective as removing over 95% of unwanted hair. However as with all hair removal/reduction treatments, occasional top-up treatments may be required. At Chester Laser Clinic we recognise the need for providing ongoing support for your permanent hair removal program. As a result, we guarantee that any top-up treatments will be charged at HALF the prevailing price for a period of 3 years after your treatment plan.


We require at least 24 hours notice for ALL treatment cancellations without sufficient notice will be charged at the full treatment price. *To reduce pain and discomfort during laser hair removal our medical professional can prescribe and apply prescription based topical anaesthetics. A surcharge for the prescription may apply.      

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