Cellulite On Your Hips Or Thighs? What is the best anti-cellulite treatment? This non-surgical body sculpting. Multi award winning technology


Exilis Elite, the non-surgical skin tightening and fat reduction device from BTL Aesthetics, has now been cleared by the FDA for use in the temporary reduction of cellulite. Exilis uses Radio frequency technology to heat the skin, causing a boost in collagen production and treating underlying stubborn fat deposits that cause a lumpy appearance to the skin. BTL Aesthetics (Exilis) is the most advanced cellulite treatment on the market. Treatment significantly reduces cellulite appearance and represents an effective non-invasive method for the treatment of cellulite. Skin elasticity evaluations confirmed the improvement of monitored parameters and supported the blinded review judgements of before and after photographs. No side effects were reported and high patient satisfaction rates validated the success of this treatment.

RF BTL Aesthetics (Exilis) Treatment areas:

The Exilis technology can be used for treatment of cellulite on the face, neck, décolleté, arms, bra fat, back, love handles, upper and lower abdomen and the thighs.

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Before and after photos are for illustrative purposes only. Results vary from one patient to another and there is no guarantee that all patients will have similar results.

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